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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A couple of people at my work have seen my pens I have been making and wanted me to sell them some. Below are a few of these pen's, etc., that I have recently made and sold. I have simply put the name of the wood below each item.

Wand made from Tulipwood.
Rapala Lacewood.

Unknown wood. I purchased a bag of Kingwood blanks and this was randomly in with the blanks. Not sure what it is.

Kingwood. I made a matching pencil and sold both as a set.


JoLynn said...

These are amazing Scott! I'm going to have to have you make me a few. It's amazing how many different looks you can come up with. What a fun hobby!

Kristy Skoy said...

I am so glad that you are able to sell some of them. Have you put any up on Etsy yet?

sjwoodturn said...

I have not put any on ETSY yet. I have set up an account, but I just haven't gotten arround to posting any for sale there yet.
Yes, Jo, this is a great fun hobby! Let me know when you want some and I'll get them made for you.