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Monday, November 15, 2010

New Temporary Shop

I've been living with my inlaws for a few weeks now and this weekend I was finally able to start working in the space my father-in-law had given me to use my lathe. The space he has given me is great and will work perfectly for me this short time we are planning on living there. He has a few extra tools up there that he told me that I could use also. He has a band-saw, small miter saw, and a drill press. They are all old used tools that he was able to get at great deals, and they all work quite well.

On Saturday I was able to spend a little time actually turning some pens a friend at work has ordered from me for her family Christmas gifts. They turned out quite nice (pics to be added soon). I have a new pen finish that I'm using and it seems to work really well. It is called HUT Crystal Coat and I bought it from Woodcraft. I'm quite pleased with the results. It leaves a nice shine on the pens, and it only takes a couple of drops on a clean, dry cloth.

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