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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas is comming all too fast!!

Wow, October is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner. Normally I do not like to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving (especially when it comes to Christmas Music, and that rule stands), but this year I have a number of projects in the works which I will be giving and/or selling to people as Christmas gifts. I have a co-worker who has ordered a few Pen/Pencil sets from me, so I have to get those started soon (just waiting for all the parts I ordered to arrive so that I can get them started). I also am making some gifts for family which will take some time. I'm hoping this weekend to get a really good start on many of these projects. . . We'll see how that goes. (luckily I have one major project almost finished, but it is a surprise so I will make no more mention of it for now).

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