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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Projects in the Works

I'm feeling more and more every day how few days we have left 'till Christmas. I have almost completed all 5 pen/pencil sets for a co-worker. A couple of puzzles are in the works and also close to being completed (just need to cut them out and glue down the borders to the backer boards). I also have just a couple very minor details to finish for my Wife's gift. If there is time I do have a couple of other items I'm going to try to make (spinning tops for the kid).
The blank of Cebil wood I had issues with a couple of weeks ago, I've decided to try something different with. As soon as it is completed I'll post a picture for your viewing pleasure. I showed the idea of what I was going to do to another co-worker, and she said "I was just looking at one of those in the store the other day!" I told her not to buy it from the store, I'll make it and she can buy it from me.
It is kind of funny because most all of the people I work with are working on their MBA's and keep giving me advise on starting a business and how to run/market it and all of the things I'm making. I keep telling them that for now it is a hobby and I sell mainly just to feed my hunger for the hobby. If the occasion arises down the road, I may start a small business, but for now, just a hobby.

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