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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quilting Frame

My wife is so proud of me. I actually planned a little ahead for Christmas this year. She (and her father) are notorious for having Christmas presents bought for at least one year prior to giving them. I came of with the idea in the middle of this summer to make her a Quilting Frame, and was lucky enough to come across some cheap wood to build it with. I was walking through my local Home Depot and saw that they had a FABULOUS sale on their Douglas Fir Clear lumber. I learned later that they were no longer going to be carrying that particular species of wood, so they were trying to get rid of their inventory. Score for me!

I went ahead and purchased a few pieces and started looking online at some different types of Quilting Frames to get some ideas. I drew up a few rough plans and worked out some dimentions over a few weeks in July. Most of the parts of the frame were completed by August/September, I just had a few small details to finish prior to Christmas, which gave me plenty of time. Currently the height of the frame is approx 4 Ft, so I'm going to be drilling some more holes down the legs so that the frame can be lowered to a more comfortable level for sitting and quilting. At the current height it is great for standing only.

1 comment:

Mr. Mike said...

This is really cool. Great pics. I think I'll build one. do you have some rough dimensions or plans that would help me get started?