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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Engraved Name Boxes

My Co-worker who purchased all of the Pen/Pencil sets in my previous post had asked me a couple of times if I could engrave the names of those to whom the items would be given.  I advised her that I did not quite have the equipment nor the skills to do that.  The more I thought about it, however, I realized that there was a possibility I could give it a try.  There was one Pen/Pencil set that she was giving to her husband (Ray).  After I completed that set, I grabbed my Dremel Rotary Tool with my Plunge Router attachment and a scrap piece of wood.  I had designed a few letters to attempt to engrave Ray's name, and my test on the scrap piece of wood was successfull.  So I decided to go ahead and engrave his name on the top of the box for his Pen/Pencil set.  I wanted to do this for him as a gift as he had given me earlier a bunch of raised pannel doors that he no longer had any need for.  When I presented the pen/pencil box to my co-worker, excited does not even begin to describe how she reacted.  She loved it.  I let her know that if she wanted to I would go ahead and engrave the names on the rest of the boxes if she would like.  She decided that she wanted me to do that and here are the results: