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Monday, February 7, 2011

Thickness Drum Sander

I have been looking for a little while at homemade thinkes/drum sanders.  I have seen many made with motors from old dryers, some made with a drive belt attached to a table saw, and some powered by a lathe.  I decided to give it a try and have started making one to be powered by my lathe.  I have made a bed that is adjustable and am currently working on the drum which will be turned between centers on my lathe.  The way I have it currently there is only approx 1 1/4 in max thickness that can be sanded, so I'm sure I'll take another crack at it some day, but for now I'm kind of prototyping to see if I can at least get one made that will work.  My main reason for wanting to make one of these is so that I can do some more segmented turning.  With this I will be able to ensure that my individual rings are sanded flush and parallel top to bottom.  I'll take some pictures of what I have so far and post them, then put up another post when it is completed and discuss how it works.

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